A 3 Day Transformational Event
To Monetize Your Message

Big Impact Experience Will Be Here Soon!

Speak Your Path to Cash & Add
100's of 1000's of Dollars to Your Business

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

You’re such a badass – yet you’re struggling to build a business that pays you what you’re worth. You’re lost in a sea of overwhelm trying to implement digital marketing strategies that are complicated or no longer work.

Stand Out As An Expert

In an overcrowded & saturated marketplace your message is getting absorbed by the white noise that’s distracting the masses. Learn how to STAND OUT & adopt a speaking system that instantly establishes your expertise.

Get Out Of Fear & Uncertainty

When your progress is slow, your doubt starts to creep in and sabotage is just around the corner. Learn how to bring “Consciousness” and stillness into your business & make it your spiritual practice.

Rock Your Business

You’ve been to every training & implemented all you’ve been taught… yet few things are working to attract clients. You don’t have a clear path on building a real business & you’re starting to wonder if it will every happen for you.

Make A Bigger Difference

Speaking is one of the fastest ways to reach more people with a message of hope and change. Witness the expansion of your brand and the rapid growth of your business when you implement ”The Martin Luther King, Jr. Effect”. You’ll learn how to create a movement & use business to create social change. Smokin’ HOT!

Stop Isolating Yourself

You need support to build the vision that God has placed inside your soul. It’s the Big Impact Tribe that fuels the Big Impact Movement. Brilliant experts, speakers, and leaders who have used our “Speak You Path to Cash” system to generate almost $20Million in revenue for they own businesses. Step into this heartfelt community & find the support you need to stop building your dreams alone.
“My spiritual life is part of my work. 
My work is part of my spiritual life”
~ John Mackey, 
   CEO Wholefoods Market
Embrace Conscious Capitalism & Make Business Your Spiritual Practice

● Balance Profitability With Social Responsibility
● Design Your Business to Positively Impact the Planet

● Awaken Consciousness as a Way of Creating Value

● Move from Ego to Essence in Sales, Marketing & Leadership
From Meditation to A Course In Miracles, Big Impact Experience will expose you to a new consciousness that is changing the way the world does business.

If you’re one of the following, this event is specifically for YOU…
True Experts
You have a passion that over the years has turned into genuine expertise… yet making less than a $250K a year as an undiscovered expert isn’t what you envisioned for yourself. 

Established & Aspiring Speakers
Have a movement within you? Speakers are an essential part of communicating the wisdom of the world and specialized training is required to fully express your ideas to the masses.

Entrepreneurs & Professionals
Successful business owner and professionals can use public speaking to add an additional 6 Figures+ to your business or career. Increase your reach and impact more people while dancing your way to the bank. .
Most Bloggers, Podcasters & Social Media Influencers who have a huge following are struggling to monetize their message.  Learn how the business of speaking adds an entirely new dimension to the influence you carry.
Shift Limiting Beliefs, Self Doubt & 
Self Sabotage With Experiential Exercises
● Gain Confidence & Step Into Certainty

● Transcend Your Struggles & Become a Money Magnet

● Own Your Personal Power & Become the Voice of Revolution
Beyond cutting edge content, “Big Impact Experience: 
Speak Your Path To Cash” offers you profound inner-game 
tools, helping you to shift from fear to love and 
master the game of Entrepreneurship.
Dynamic Speaker Skill Drills: 
Fun “On the Court” Practice Time
● Learn How To Effectively Talk About Your Credibility & Position Your Badassery

● Step Into Presentation Mastery & Dramatically Improve Your Speaking Skills 

● Supercharge Your Charisma, Humor & Authority with Conscious Persuasion & Influence
Beyond cutting edge content, “Big Impact Experience: 
Speak Your Path To Cash” offers you profound inner-game 
tools, helping you to shift from fear to love and 
master the game of Entrepreneurship.
Like Never Before… Your Voice Matters

The truly brilliant among us are honoring the call. Experts, Speakers & Influencers from all over
the world find their way to "Big Impact Experience - Speak Your Path to Cash"
where your power is unleashed through the platform of Public Speaking.

Here’s what you can expect to learn –
Thought Leadership
Until now, the journey from “Undiscovered Expert” to recognized “Thought Leader” has been left to chance… available only to a select few. On Day 1, Mark & Shannon will dispel the myths as to why the most talented are often the most stuck. You’ll discover how to stop “spinning your wheels” and how to use speaking to make a bigger difference, reach more people and generate 100’s of 1000’s of dollars while positioning yourself as the “GO TO” AUTHORITY in your field.
Inner-Game & Spirituality
The real challenge with running a profitable CONSCIOUS business has very little to do with strategy… it has to do with emotions. Fear, uncertainty, confusion, and addiction all play a role in how you’ve been conditioned to fail at entrepreneurship. On Day 2, Mark & Shannon will break down this dynamic and show you how to deal with the “ups & downs” of business and get your subconscious mind working for you. Always a crowd favorite.
Business Strategy
Over the last year, Mark & Shannon have refined their “Speak Your Path To Cash” System to help Speakers, Experts and Coaches succeed financially. You’ll learn the “Power of Sequencing” so that you can return home knowing exactly what to FOCUS on and simple tweaks to increase your revenue fast (and fulfillment too!)
The Power of Speaking
At the core of ALL really effective marketing is a powerful & compelling MESSAGE. As a Speaker, you have the rare opportunity to lead & inspire your audience. Your unique message, when structured properly is not only highly effective at attracting a flood of clients, its extremely powerful at creating a social movement. Mark & Shannon will breakdown the patterns of how Thought Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Marianne Williamson & Steve Jobs used the power of their voice to ignite a movement and build massive empires (and if you’re not clear what YOUR message is yet.. no worries, we’ll help you get CLARITY!)
Big Impact Experience shows Experts, Speakers & Coaches how to profit from public speaking.
Join us to discover how public speaking can add 
100’s of 1000’of dollars to your business.
The Agenda
Move the needle FAST on profitability & impact with top notch content delivered by two 7 – Figure Mentors who live what they teach. Get “Rock – Solid” strategies and action steps that make you money.
Day 1: Clarity
Learn Our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System
Most emerging experts are struggling “upstream” to succeed - because they don’t know exactly what to focus on to create consistent income without overwhelm

That’s why we start off the event with an immediate deep dive into our “Speak Your Path To Cash” system, which has helped hundreds of our previous clients leap into 6 figures or more very quickly!
On Day 1 We Will Cover:
  • The Speak Your Path To Cash System - A proven, repeatable process any expert can use to create consistent high paying clients
  • Secrets of the Speaking Industry - What top earners know that makes them successful
  • Signature Talk Marketing - How to create a HOT Signature Talk
  • Phases of Business - Why you’ve been spinning your wheels and more importantly, how to STOP
  • The Wheel of Overwhelm - How to get out of overwhelm and frustration and get the support you need...
* The experiences described in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.
“I realized very quickly I was in the right place and that Mark & Shannon were speaking my language. I think everyone should be here because they’re the best at teaching this in a systematic, simplified, and empowering way.”
~ Jim Padilla
* The experiences described in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.
“I needed a way that was proven to help me get my feet on the ground and running instead of just spinning my wheels. Making business sexy and fun and making money from it - Mark & Shannon are HOT!
~ Clare Cui
Day 2: Power
Your Inner Game Overhaul
After Experts get their business model and action steps clarified, the next thing that stops them from rapid success is their “inner game”. This is where we address the inner patterns, the doubts, fears, and old ways of thinking that would limit your income and impact. 

We deep dive inside so that you can pull out the Rock Star Expert that you truly are, and share yourself fully with the tribe who desperately wants what you have to offer!
On Day 2 We Will Cover:
  • Ego To Essence - How to bring Spirituality into your Business and step fully into your calling
  • Launch Your Inner Rock Star - Shift your consciousness and abolish patterns that keep you locked in emotion
  • Polarize Your Brand - Taking a courageous stand & launching a bold movement
  • Going Pro - The inner game of walking the Mastery Path...
  • Financial Foreplay - Learn how to effectively flirt with the most common sales objections and get more yes's
* The experiences described in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.
“I've had such an amazing time and feel like I’ve finally found the people who understand me. I saw how I’d been playing small in my business and how I can work through it.”
~ Danetha Doe
* The experiences described in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.
“I knew I had skills to help people, but there was limits to the model I was trained in. It was too small. Big Impact Live showed me how to make more money and reach more people.”
~ Mark Stanton
Get More Speaking Gigs
Once you know the steps to take to build your business and have your inner game and confidence dialed...now it’s time to do it.

That’s why on Day 3 we focus on getting you more exposure and visibility, and a clear understanding of how to get the speaking gigs that will grow your business (and IMPACT).
On Day 3 We Will Cover:
  • Tribes of Your Life - Understanding the power of Tribe & Association and leveraging it
  • How To Get More Speaking Gigs - 5 Simple and Proven methods
  • Rock Your Events - Build tribe, deepen your value and had 10's of 1000's of dollars to your business.
  • Special Surprise Closing Ceremony - Top Secret, and Juicy Fun! :) 
* The experiences described in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.
“The mentorship, the tribe, the inner game transformation, I know I need all of that to make the impact I’m here to make.”
~ Jeff Bell
* The experiences described in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.
“I have all the training in my craft, but I had no idea how to structure my business. Big Impact Experience covers all the bases, I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
~ Allison Montgomery
Big Impact Experience shows Experts, Speakers & Coaches how to profit from public speaking.
Join us to discover how public speaking can add 
100’s of 1000’of dollars to your business.
Nov. 21st-23rd, 2019
Austin, Texas
Take Your Speaking to the Next Level
With These
Valuable Bonuses
“Big Impact Experience: Speak Your Path To Cash” prepares you to get stage ready and make a fortune with public speaking. Included in your ticket are rockin’ pre-event bonuses to help you get the most from the event – 3 live virtual pre-trainings & complimentary ticket for your business partner.  
Bonus #1 - Live Virtual Pre-Training
A $495 Value
Pre-Training #1
  • Authentically generate sales and attract customers
  • How to embrace wealth without feeling shame, guilt or ”unworthiness”
  • Discover how personal growth, money & profit work together to create “Conscious Wealth”
This pre-training alone is well worth the price of admission. With the rapid change that technology and innovation is bringing into our world, you’ll be equipped to build create a solid foundation for the years to come and create a legacy.

The New Game of Money: 
How to Make Millions Without Selling Your Soul
Bonus #2 - Live Virtual Pre-Training
A $495 Value
Pre-Training #2
  • Get on more of the right stages & find your ideal audience
  • What to say to a promoter to gain access & land the gig
  • How to get new stages every time you speak
This pre-training simplifies the process of getting on stages so you can ”rock your talk,” attract more clients & inspire the masses. You’ll know exactly the next best step to take to land your next speaking gig – this week. 

A 3 Day Transformational Event 
to Monetize Your Message
Bonus #3 - Live Virtual Pre-Training
A $495 Value
Pre-Training #3
  • Discover the 5 barriers to attracting a flood of ideal clients
  • How to know if you need a niche and how to best position your expertise
  • The #1 reason conscious business owners and visionary speakers struggle with landing on their niche 
In this eye-opening training you’ll discover why you’ve been “spinning your wheels” for so long with your marketing and how to narrow your focus (without leaving people out).  You’ll be blown away with insights into finding the message that speaks to your target market.

Join us to discover how Public Speaking can add 
100’s of 1000’s of dollars to your business.

Nov, 21st – 23rd, 2019 
Austin, Texas

Investment: $2495
 "Big Impact Experience is a Personal Development Party... Blending Proven Business Strategy with the Life Empowering Lessons of A Course in Miracles.

Imagine Marianne Williamson Meets Tony Robbins with a Splash of Bon Jovi!"
Meet Your Hosts
The experience of building a successful business with the woman I love is only exceeded by the joy of seeing our clients thrive. I’m amazed at the work we’re doing and the way that God is answering our prayers.

Our first kiss was on New Year’s Eve under a full moon. I still can remember the dress she was wearing… HOT! While Shannon is the kind of woman you’ll always remember, it’s her heart and intelligence that makes her unique and powerful. Her charisma and infectious smile light up the room.

I find Shannon to be one of the greatest teachers and 
most powerful cheerleaders for your transformation and growth. She truly believes in people and lives what she teaches… I respect her.

Simply said… Shannon rocks!
Her rolodex and experience in the seminar industry serves our clients well. She has successfully produced live events that generated over ½ Million dollars in just 4 days. She’s shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Lisa Sasevich, Loral Langemeirer from The Secret, and Marshall Sylver.

She’s learned the inside secrets of the speaking industry and how to consistently generate 6 Figures. While her warm heart is intoxicating and her laugh infectious, her big impact is in the ability to help you monetize your message, get more visibility and make the difference you’re called to make.

The electricity of our first kiss is still there and I love her more and more each day… and I know you will too!
“Share your brilliance with the world, let your light shine and rock your life!” - Shannon Law
Mark is one of the most compassionate, conscious men I’ve ever met. It’s a blessing to be in a Spiritual Partnership full of intimacy, communication and laughter. It’s a great “yin and yang” for having a fulfilling business and prosperous life. His commitment to his spiritual practice keeps him present and grounded. He’s my rock!

Our first date on New Year’s Eve was every girl’s dream come true. As we danced the night away, he looked at me and twirled me around and around… it was fun and sexy and made me want to kiss him! It was so romantic… 

While others may see Mark for his fun and wily ways, it’s his Masculine Depth and his ability to lead that inspires our clients to dig deep and fulfill their calling. I feel so blessed!
Mark is a genius branding expert. He’s executed over 450 branding & promotional campaigns as the Advisor to McDonalds, Budweiser, AFLAC and Marriott. But it’s his effectiveness with Conscious Business Owners & Visionary Entrepreneurs that’s helping our clients to have a Global Impact.

As a speaker, Mark’s stage presence is captivating and engages the entire audience. Holding them spellbound, he weaves stories and metaphor into compelling lessons you remember. He has led over 200 trainings and shared the stage with Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki, Joel Bauer, and Marcia Weider who has appeared several times on Oprah.

While Mark is powerful on stage, it’s his ability to help you get past your BS and stop spinning your wheels that makes the difference. His inner game breakthroughs are profound and transformational. It’s the “magic glue” that gets you into action, helping you overcome the self doubt that’s holding you back.

Mark is aware, evolved and conscious…I love this man and I’m excited to see how he’ll transform your life!
“Inside of you is a calling… and when you stop and truly listen, it’s bigger than you think!”  - Mark Allen Grainger
What is the date and time of the event?
May 31 - June 2, 2019 - Registration starts at 8:00 AM on Friday. Each day runs from 9:00AM to 7:00 PM
What is the venue for the event?
The event will be daily at the Renaissance Austin Hotel 9721 Arboretum Boulevard Austin TX 78759.
Where should I book my hotel?
We have a room block available for you at the Renaissance Austin Hotel 9721 Arboretum Boulevard Austin TX 78759, which we will give you a link to access once you have confirmed your ticket.
I’m trying to book my travel. What times do I need to know about?
Friday, the starting day of your event, registration begins at 8am and the event starts promptly at 9am. Each day runs from 9:00AM to 7:00 PM. 
Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful business based around sharing your Expertise through speaking, then this LIVE event is for you!
Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?
Like most live performances such as sporting events, concerts and performing arts events, tickets to this event are not refundable. However, your tickets are fully transferable! To transfer your ticket, please email the name, email & phone number of the person you are transferring your ticket to: support@MyBigImpact.com and we’ll love them up.
Have Questions Or Need Additional Support? 
Email: Support@MyBigImpact.com
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